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Sep 17
September 17, 2010 at 18:34

Politician Metin Celik visits


As part of Thuur’s nomination “Best Dutch Tutor of 2009″ (see our previous post here) we were visited today by a very special new intern: Metin Celik. Mr. Celik is politician and parlement member for PvdA (Dutch Labour Party) and wanted to see how Dutch interns are working in practice at a good tutor company. He was also very interested in our OneShot philosophy in general, but in particular in our 3D interactive product demos with OneShot ARENA and the 3D photography and video production based on OneShot SOURCE.

It was a great meeting and we discussed a lot about internship, tutoring, enterpreneurship and Dutch schooling system. The whole day was filmed by a professional crew and soon we will post this video here in our blog!

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Sep 16
September 16, 2010 at 15:25

Dutch word of the Day

Dutch Word of the Day BlogGet to know 3Dimerce and our crazy Dutch language :-)

A great place to pick up some knowledge of the Dutch language is the Dutch Word of the Day Blog. Every day, a new Dutch word is explained. Not only can you impress us with the words you have learned, but it also gives some great insights into Dutch culture and heritage.

An example:


panicky play, panic behaviour [noun] [het paniekvoetbal, <no plural>] ['paa-niek-voet-bal']

“Paniekvoetbal” consists of “paniek” and “voetbal”, which translate to “panic” and “soccer/football” respectively. Its literal translation is panicky (soccer)play, but also the figurative meaning is used a lot: panic behaviour.


Sep 9
September 9, 2010 at 17:20

3Dimerce at the IFA 2010 – Google Keynote and more

We at 3Dimerce are interested in a broad field of developments happening in the market we operate in. So not only 3D, but all developments that affect our OneShot products, our way of working or our market approach in general. So besides a dedicated 3D post on our IFA visit (also in this blog), I will also talk you through some other interesting topics.

Keynote of Dr. Eric Schmidt CEO Google Inc.
I was fortunate to be on the first row of the highlight of this year’s IFA keynotes, the very interesting presentation of Dr. Eric Schmidt. Dr. Schmidt is the current Chairman of the Board and CEO of Google Inc. He talked us through some interesting developments for the near future.


Google is welcoming the age of “augmented humanity”, which basically means that there’s a constant interaction and learning process between computers and humans in order to find relevant answers to any search question a person has. (more…)

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Sep 8
September 8, 2010 at 11:59

3Dimerce at the IFA 2010 – 3D all over the place!

3D adicts as we are, we had to be at the IFA in Berlin this year! Besides all kind of new and innovative products (see my other post), 3D was the main theme of this year’s trade fair. Every self-respecting product manufacturer had to introduce or re-introduce a 3D related product. Only at 3Dimerce you get all the info, so in this post I will talk you through the newest, coolest and most interesting 3D products we saw.

3D home entertainment
Following the trend of 3D cinema and all recently released 3D movies (which really hit off after Avatar), every consumer electronics corporation introduced their version of 3D home entertainment. All the top-range displays featured 3D and are launched with 3D passive or active (shutter)glasses. So at this point, you cannot buy any display that does the 3D effect itself. We thought these were the best and most interesting products:


LG brings us the LX9500. This Full HD LED 3D display has a very bright and crisp screen. The 3D effect is very good and is established with ative shutter glasses. Same as all manufacturers, LG showed the display with several content, from animation to gaming and from sports to movies.

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