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Aug 8
August 8, 2012 at 11:25


Have a look at this! NASA invests 2.5 billion dollars in anaglyph footage from Mars! We love the US space program! MarsWall-E-with-glasses

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Jul 5
July 5, 2012 at 10:22

Daniel Pink’s Drive, animated

RSA Animate have created this lively animation, adapted from Daniel Pink’s talk at the RSA about his book Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us. The animation (literally) illustrates the hidden truths behind what really motivates us at home and in the workplace.

And it’s a nice animation too, and we always like those :)

Dan’s book already featured on our blog in 2010, but it is no less current. It is very relevant for our field of business, and a way of dealing with creative people that we very much strive for in our organisation.

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Apr 23
April 23, 2012 at 08:45

Dyson on The Digital Universe.


The digital domain as universe is not just a metaphor, George Dyson states in a conversation on EDGE. It is a plain and harsh reality. It is a cosmos on its own, with life on its own. And we humans are sitting besides it and we are taking it for granted. Only thinking of it in terms of what this other world has to offer for us.

Dyson makes a small exploration of this universe: Where does it come from? How does it work? What is the beauty of it? Why should we study it in terms of biology and chemistry. What are its implications and how is it connected to ‘our world’?

The first part of his ‘essay’ has a rather metaphysical character. But all of a sudden Dyson makes this remark that throws it all right back in your face:

What’s the driver today? You want one word? It’s advertising. And, you may think advertising is very trivial, and of no real importance, but I think it’s the driver. If you look at what most of these codes are doing, they’re trying to get the audience, trying to deliver the audience. The money is flowing as advertising.

There you have it, people. Money makes the world go round. And not just our world.

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Apr 3
April 3, 2012 at 12:27

Terry Gilliam Cut Out Animation for Monty Python

As we’re working on our own cut-out animation, with all techniques the digital era lets us have, it’s nice to see the master at work in the days of paper and glue. It has become near impossible to imagine the amount of effort that goes into the paper and scissor stuff. Be sure to sit through the first minute and a half. Enjoy!


Mar 12
March 12, 2012 at 18:06

Interactive Shopping Window, finally it’s real!


This year visited the Cebit in Hannover again to be updated on the latest technologies that are available in the world.
An interesting project from a German University was a Interactive Shopping Window which could be operated by using only your hands!

Let’s take you back 5 years, when I participated in the Emerging Technology & Art Carousel (ETAC) at the Eindhoven University. In this project MAD Emergent Art Center teamed up enterpreneur in the HighTech Sector with (digital) artist and asked these teams to think of new idea regarding appliance of new technologies. I was connected to digital artist and film maker Ruud Terhaag and together we thought of an interactive shopping window. At that time gesture controle such as “Kinect” wasn’t widely available yet, so it remained at the idea stage. Since the idea was however great, we were prominently featured in the center and on the cover of the booklet that was issued after the project had been finished (see image above).

Well, back to the present time again at the Cebit last week. To my great pleasure I saw a superb working Interactive Shopping Window on the stand of the German Research Faculty. Our idea was reality and it worked wonderful! With only your hand you could select products, browse through a product catalogue, view 3D product images and even select actual products in the shopping window by just pointing a them. Great product experience, don’t you think!

So, as turned out, future ideas will become reality! Now I’m only looking for a client who wants to pioneer with us and actually create an Interactive Shopping Window at one of their flagship stores. I think we can stun your customers, esspecially when combined with a (Dimenco) 3D display (without the need for extra glasses). In that way you really have the experience of moving a virtual product with your hands: “it’s a kind of magic…it’s a kind of magiiiic…. a kind of magic!”

Mail me when you’re interested at Let’s do this!

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Mar 6
March 6, 2012 at 10:59

When will we buy more tablets than PCs?

tabletvspcApparently analists are already analyzing there butts off to find out when the tablet is going to outsell the PC. Horace Dediu combined all the information he could find and combined this in an interesting prediction of the tablet vs PC future. And off course it’s not the question if, but more likely when. Horace came not to the exact date, but found out that the tipping point will most likely be reached in Q3 or Q4 2013. Somewhere around that time, we all will buy more new tablets than new PCs.

The largest market share will definitely be for Apple’s iOS, followed by Android (with tablet hardware vendors such as Samsung, HP, ASUS) and a small part also for Amazon and Windows (to be launched Q4 2012).

However this does not mean that we will buy tablets instead of PCs! As we see more and more, the tablet is an interesting supplement to our current media intake devices such as mobile smart phones, TVs and PCs. So marketeers have an additional media channel to attend to: challenging and interesting!

The full article from Horace Dediu on tablet sales can be found here!
In line with this topic a marketing background article on the technological implications “HTML5 vs Flash” can be found here on our blog.

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Feb 20
February 20, 2012 at 15:20

Is Flash dead and HTML5 it’s killer?


A lot of our clients and prospects struggle with the current HTML5 versus Flash discussion. What should I choose when I initiate a new online project? Is a mobile strategy the best solution or should I still focus on a more regular online strategy? Or maybe both? In this post, I will give you some insights and guidelines for a balanced and wise decision.

A brief history
In 2010 the late Steve Jobs was already having huge success with the iPhone and the newly launched iPad. In his attempt to free the World from memory demanding applications (and also to protect Apple’s own app store), he banished Flash from Apple’s mobile devices. That was the starting point for a partly just and a partly unfair battle against Flash. In the media Flash was instantly deemed dead, although the promoted new standard HTML5 was not a full substitute for Flash and was still not even close to being ready for full usage. Nevertheless a lot of companies and creative agencies started adopting HTML5 and focused on developing new projects and websites in this newly developed standard. The popularity grew, mainly ignited by Apple’s popularity and the adoption of this standard by search engines and social networks. At the end of 2011, 34 of top 100 most popular web sites are using HTML5 instead of older versions of HTML.


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Feb 17
February 17, 2012 at 15:15

Tesla HTML5 Car Configurator


Although not created by, still worth mentioning on our blog as a very nice example from electric car manufacturer Tesla of using HTML5 in a product configurator. Although the experience may be a bit limited compare to e.g. Flash, the maximum was squeezed out of this new technology. It has all the necessary customization options such as colors, wheels, interior options, other accessories and a great ‘view on the road’ option to see the Tesla Roadster in three 3D rendered environments. The main advantage is off course that it works on both desktops/laptops and on tablets. Also has a good social media share functionality, in order to attract more visitor to the product configurator. They also have a Design Studio for the Tesla Model S and soon also for the Tesla Model X.

Our compliments to Tesla for this great application! Way the go! See it here: Tesla Roadster Design Studio!

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Jan 13
January 13, 2012 at 10:40

Scorsese on Development

(…)There’s no such thing here, like in this world where everything now is instantaneous, the development is not instantaneous.

One has to work through it.

And the only way you work through it is not for the awards, you work through it for the pleasure of the work.

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Jan 2
January 2, 2012 at 07:30

Point and Line to Plane


(…) A point is a small bit of colour put by the artist on the canvas. It is neither a geometric point nor a mathematical abstraction; it is extension, form and colour. This form can be a square, a triangle, a circle, a star or something more complex. The point is the most concise form but, according to its placement on the basic plane, it will take a different tonality. It can be isolated or resonate with other points or lines.

A line is the product of a force which has been applied in a given direction: the force exerted on the pencil or paintbrush by the artist. The produced linear forms may be of several types: a straight line, which results from a unique force applied in a single direction; an angular line, resulting from the alternation of two forces in different directions, or a curved (or wave-like) line, produced by the effect of two forces acting simultaneously. A plane may be obtained by condensation (from a line rotated around one of its ends) (…)


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