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May 8
May 8, 2012 at 11:47

Facebook on C&A


For a couple of years companies have been breaking their heads over how to establish themselves in the social media domain. Fortunes were spent on figuring out how to engage with your customer, finding the top influencers in order to gain some leverage. All whilst being as authentic as possible. Be a brand, be a likeable brand. Be the most likeable brand. Make friends, gather followers. And share, blog, tweet. Get you company narratives on track.

But is has been like swimming up stream. Social media is just too overwhelming. Long term strategies are useless as the landscape changes on a day to day basis. Once your in, all you can do is try not to drown. Just keep your head up and smile. We’re doing fine!

There is an easier way. Get off the idea that social media – Facebook – is a medium you should be in. In stead, allow Facebook to be in you. Embrace, go with the flow. It’s what Facebook wants, so all energy is vectored in that direction. All you have to do is open your doors and let them in.

Ironically it is C&A – the blandest of all brands (from a Western European perspective) – that has cracked the code. Don’t try to bring your store to Facebook. Simply bring Facebook to your store. Brilliant.
C&A on Facebook

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Apr 4
April 4, 2012 at 11:24

New Vorwerk case added to the Example projects page

Vorwerk-VR100With great pride we present our latest addition to our Example project page: The launch campaign for the Vorwerk Kobold VR 100 robotic vacuum cleaner.

Vorwerk Kobold is a top quality brand of vacuum cleaners in Europe. The Kobold VR 100 is the first robotic vacuum cleaner from an established brand, and brings unprecedented Vorwerk quality to this new segment of household products.
This new product has been launched with a combined offline and online campaign, with 3Dimerce supplying in-store HD video and a matching OneShot ARENA product presentation for the product landing page.

Click here to go directly to the Vorwerk Kobold VR 100 Product video showcase

Click here to go directly to the Vorwerk Kobold VR 100 OneShot ARENA showcase

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Mar 12
March 12, 2012 at 18:06

Interactive Shopping Window, finally it’s real!


This year visited the Cebit in Hannover again to be updated on the latest technologies that are available in the world.
An interesting project from a German University was a Interactive Shopping Window which could be operated by using only your hands!

Let’s take you back 5 years, when I participated in the Emerging Technology & Art Carousel (ETAC) at the Eindhoven University. In this project MAD Emergent Art Center teamed up enterpreneur in the HighTech Sector with (digital) artist and asked these teams to think of new idea regarding appliance of new technologies. I was connected to digital artist and film maker Ruud Terhaag and together we thought of an interactive shopping window. At that time gesture controle such as “Kinect” wasn’t widely available yet, so it remained at the idea stage. Since the idea was however great, we were prominently featured in the center and on the cover of the booklet that was issued after the project had been finished (see image above).

Well, back to the present time again at the Cebit last week. To my great pleasure I saw a superb working Interactive Shopping Window on the stand of the German Research Faculty. Our idea was reality and it worked wonderful! With only your hand you could select products, browse through a product catalogue, view 3D product images and even select actual products in the shopping window by just pointing a them. Great product experience, don’t you think!

So, as turned out, future ideas will become reality! Now I’m only looking for a client who wants to pioneer with us and actually create an Interactive Shopping Window at one of their flagship stores. I think we can stun your customers, esspecially when combined with a (Dimenco) 3D display (without the need for extra glasses). In that way you really have the experience of moving a virtual product with your hands: “it’s a kind of magic…it’s a kind of magiiiic…. a kind of magic!”

Mail me when you’re interested at Let’s do this!

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Feb 1
February 1, 2012 at 14:37

Touchy Table with Microsoft Surface 2

In this new year Microsoft and Samsung have launched their new multitouch table with Microsoft latest Surface 2.
With PixelSense™, Microsoft Surface simply turns the displays pixels into ‘eyes’. It actually sees and responds to touch & real world objects, supporting over fifty simultaneous inputs. So not only finger tips will be recognized, but also e.g. a leaflet or packages. The table can even see and recognize text!
Samsung created a new 40 inch table called the SUR40 which can be used as a table, on the wall, or embedded in other fixtures or furniture. A real mindblowing performance and great novelty for point of sale on trade fair and for other events. We can’t wait to combine this with 3D or maybe Augmented Reality!

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Dec 14
December 14, 2011 at 10:47

zSpace – A Virtual holographic Experience from Infinite Z

infinitivezThe marketing term “holographic” is often used for devices that in reality won’t give you the spectacular experience you where hoping for. At least the many devices I’ve tried didn’t satisfy my expectations.

During my visit to Autodesk University in Las Vegas last month, I went to the exhibition floor and was approached by a representative of Infinite Z who wanted to show me their new “holographic” device. Skeptical as I was, I put on the lightweight polarized glasses and was immediately stunned by the experience. The visually attractive 3D scene in front of my eyes looked very realistic, with a real sense of depth. The eye-tracking system made it even more immersive because I was able to move my head and view the scene from different angles. In addition to that, Infinite Z added a 3D stylus that I could use to manipulate the virtual scene. This worked so intuitive that I immediately understood how to manipulate the presented 3D objects the way I wanted.

This great experience is best understood by watching the video. Of course it’s a marketing video and it won’t look like that if you are not the user wearing the glasses, but if you do, you will experience exactly what’s visualized in the video.

Not only our 3D artists could benefit from this technology, I think this will be attractive for our clients as well. Viewing and manipulating a OneShot® SOURCE will be great with this. And for POS applications, I can imagine that it will be quite appealing to interact with a non-physical product in an intuitive way like this.

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Aug 2
August 2, 2011 at 12:43

Volkswagen Augmented Reality on iPhone & iPad

Since we are certified partner of Total Immersion, we also get lots of new example projects and ideas. I wanted to share this video with you which Total Immersion did in France for Volkswagen. The whole campaign was designed around the new Volkswagen Golf Cabrio, and the unavailability of the actual car in lots of showrooms throughout France. Augmented Reality was deemed to be the most efficient way to put the new model on show at dealers, although it is not yet available.

In the dealer’s showroom, visitors are either invited to upload the Volkswagen Virtual Golf Cabriolet application on their iPhone or a Smartphone (iPhone and Android), or the authorized dealer provides them with an iPad with the application already loaded.
Once the application is launched the user is able to view and experience the vehicle as if it on site. A wealth of possibilities is offered, such as opening the roof, turning the car, checking details, changing the body colour or the style of the rims.

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Jun 14
June 14, 2011 at 14:31

New T-Mobile case added to the Showcase page


With great pride we present our latest addition to the Product Video category of our Showcase page: The launch video for the T-Mobile move / Alcatel OT-908 Android smartphone.

The T-Mobile move is currently being released across 13 countries with this video. Each country has a received a custom branded and localized video for their specific market. The videos are used online, and different formats are also available for Point of Sales and even TV commercials, all from a single source.

Have a look and check out a few of the different localized versions, by pressing the numbers under the video window in the showcase.

Click here to go directly to the T-mobile move Product video showcase

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May 13
May 13, 2011 at 17:06

New Bugaboo case added to the Showcase page


With great pride we present our latest addition to the Interactive Products category of our Showcase page: The product configurator for the Bugaboo Donkey convertible stroller.

The Bugaboo Donkey configurator has been live for a while now, and has been received very well around the world, from America to Australia!

Have a look and experience the freedom to build your own custom stroller from 1480 possible configurations!

Click here to go directly to the Bugaboo Donkey Product configurator showcase

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Nov 15
November 15, 2010 at 10:34

The future of shopping for cloths?

The end of every men’s nightmare…
Faster shopping without too much hastle ;-)
A bit too unrealistic in terms of experience, but with current augmented reality technology you can match this pretty close (just like the Ray Ban sunglass fitting room).

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Oct 29
October 29, 2010 at 11:40

Dutch Design Week: The future shopping experience

Dutch Design Week

This last week of October, Eindhoven is host to the 9th Dutch Design week. The Dutch Design Week is the largest design event in the Netherlands. Around 1500 designers from around the world showcase their work in the fields of industrial design, graphic design, fashion, architecture, design management and trends.

One Dutch Design Week subject that caught the eye of was the lecture called FSX – The future shopping experience. In this lecture, Christjan Vissers of communication and design agency lamachine presented the conclusions and results of a study into the shopping experience of the future. 24 bachelor and master students of the faculty of Industrial design of the Technical university Eindhoven researched the future of shopping from a technical perspective.

Although most new Point of Sales technologies are of course already know to the experts at 3Dimerce, we did see some interesting new variations on existing technologies that show that the range of exiting Point of Sales applications is still growing.


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