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Nov 8
November 8, 2011 at 17:14



Some call it plastic, some call it synthetic material, but whatever you’re call it, in some forms it can be Valuable! This must be what the late Mr. Peter Blum and his wife Linda though in 1983, when the rise of the Swatch brand started.

The Blum collection is, with over 4.350 items, one of the most complete collections of its kind, this fascinating assembly contains notable examples of the celebrated relationship between SWATCH and art, including Mimmo Paladino’s famous Oigol Oro; a set comprising Alfred Hofkunst’s Verduhra, Guhrke and Bonjuhr, each watch signed by the artist; and ten unique Swatch watches, including six prototypes, created by Kiki Picasso. American painter Keith Haring’s collaboration with Swatch is represented in the collection by a set of the four production models released in the United States — Modele avec Personnage, Milles Pattes, Serpent and Blanc sur Noir — along with a number of prototypes and variants. Additional highlights include Swatch Puff, the first (of only 120 pieces produced), Rudolph Moshammer’s Feathers, and a special Jelly Fish designed and signed by Andrew Logan.

The sale of the collection is estimated to realise between 3.5 and 6.3 million Dollars. Yes, million! Take a look at the PHILLIPS de PURY & COMPANY Website, to read a bit more!

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