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March 6, 2012 at 10:59

When will we buy more tablets than PCs?

tabletvspcApparently analists are already analyzing there butts off to find out when the tablet is going to outsell the PC. Horace Dediu combined all the information he could find and combined this in an interesting prediction of the tablet vs PC future. And off course it’s not the question if, but more likely when. Horace came not to the exact date, but found out that the tipping point will most likely be reached in Q3 or Q4 2013. Somewhere around that time, we all will buy more new tablets than new PCs.

The largest market share will definitely be for Apple’s iOS, followed by Android (with tablet hardware vendors such as Samsung, HP, ASUS) and a small part also for Amazon and Windows (to be launched Q4 2012).

However this does not mean that we will buy tablets instead of PCs! As we see more and more, the tablet is an interesting supplement to our current media intake devices such as mobile smart phones, TVs and PCs. So marketeers have an additional media channel to attend to: challenging and interesting!

The full article from Horace Dediu on tablet sales can be found here!
In line with this topic a marketing background article on the technological implications “HTML5 vs Flash” can be found here on our blog.

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