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HTC Hero – Product video

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OneShot Sources:  HTC Hero
Client:  HTC Europe

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New product launch with product video

The online product marketing campaign for HTC Hero was rolled out across a large number of regions at once, requiring a large number of region specific versions of the microsite and expandable video banners to be made in a short period of time. OneShot Source not only guaranteed stunning visuals, but also made it possible to create the required product video material in a range of different device colors within the available time frame and at limited costs.

3D product imaging in product video

The second generation Google™ Android™ device from HTC was launched with a cross-media product marketing campaign featuring product video, microsites and video banners that were localized for a total of 12 regions. As before, the 3D experts at 3Dimerce created both the product video and the animated material for the microsites and banners.